Artist Interviews 2022

Sebastian Magnani  
By Julia Siedenburg

Sebastian Magnani is a visionary photographer born and raised in Switzerland. His series “ Daily Bat” shows Batman in a much more intimate way than we used to know him. Instead of fighting criminals and being hunted himself the beloved character gets to escape his duties and finds himself in regular moments of life, like drinking a coffee, going to the gym, or driving a golf cart through a golf course. These fun and refreshing scenes show not only Sebastian’s talent but the power of his imagination.

The humble still down-to-earth Artist has been featured in multiple renowned international newspapers and has been asked to showcase his work in multiple galleries, one example being the Guy Hepner Gallery in New York City. As you can tell Sebastian is already incredibly celebrated and I believe that this is just the beginning of a great success story!

I have been following his work for a while and finally dared to ask him if he would share some of his insights with our dear readers and myself. I was beyond happy when he agreed and I am grateful to be able to introduce him to you, dear readers. So please enjoy our interview below!

Your images are beautiful, well composed, and showcase a variety of masterful series. What do you specifically love about photography?

I always have a clear vision how the artwork have to look like. Means my artworks are mostly based on a sketch, which is usually also the base for a painting. But with photography I can immediately experiment on the set. Means I can try out various perspectives on the location, I can play with the interaction of model and surrounding and just create various moods with changing the additional lights. And I love to paint with light.

Growing up in Switzerland, how was art introduced to you and in which way do you think your origin shapes you into the artist you are today?

Photography started first out from an hobby and second to a business. But my passion was getting lost being a service provider. To keep going I always made side projects beside my main business. I just had another idea how my life as a photographer have to feel like. So step by step I got more into art, where I could choose what I’m doing with my valuable time. And now I’m 100% independently and can 100% express myself where I can scoop directly out of my feelings and thoughts.

Your currently most celebrated series is called the “Daily Bat” in which you introduce Batman as we have never seen him before. Intimate scenes of day-to-day mostly relatable moments of life. How did you come up with the great idea to make the beloved classic batman figure? How do you choose the locations and scenes you set him in?

Yes, it’s incredible, how the people love it. And I’m really thankful for that. I just had the idea to show Batman in his Daily Life instead fighting criminals. It was all about an escape for Batman from his reality, maybe also for me as a photographer with the project. All the pressure to be always strong and showing no weakness, it’s stressful. Especially when your reality looks not like the dream and vision you have, then you feel sometimes really lost and would love to give up. By placing him in normal settings I gave him some time to breath and escape. And trough that, I’m was able to show his sensitive and mortal side, which makes him as Superhero more „Superhuman“, where people can identify with.

What other glimpses into Batman’s days off are you planning to capture?

My list with ideas is huge and is growing every day, but currently I’m just busy with building up a base for a longterm business together with galleries and have beside a lot of other side hustles. Needs a lot of energy, also the first show which I had in New York was exhausting with all the pressure which I project on myself. But I’m coming forward and I can’t wait to photograph new Daily Bat’s.

Your Bat images have been featured in international magazines and exhibited in multiple galleries around the world, the latest being the Guy Hepner Gallery in New York City. How did your art end up in all these places and what place do you dream of exhibiting at?

First I just started to show my artworks on Instagram. Then more and more people saw and bought my artworks and also galleries was contacting me. Now to see my name with all the other legends of artist they feature, it feels super unrealistic and crazy for me. I really can’t believe that I’m part of it, but it was alway a wish to get respected by galleries too. It’s super satisfying, when people and collector buying your art, hanging them on their walls and sharing them with their friends. You feel a little bit immortal and that’s a beautiful feeling to have a place in other peoples life. You really feel connected. And of course, at least one artwork in a Museum would be a dream. Let’s see, if my art is good enough.

Before the “Daily Bat “ started to take over, your projects included mesmerizing nature reflection shots and “Underdog” portraits of Dogs posing for a headshot in human clothing. What is it about fantastical, surreal images that you like so much?

When I started with photography, I’m was really fast bored only photographing my surrounding – the reality. So I started to create my own space, my own world, which was much more entertaining and also much more challenging for me.

What does creating art make you feel? What are the emotions you want to convey to your viewers?

Art gives me a reason to be on this planet and that makes me happy. I have a mission, a task, a self-determination. And the viewer is the mirror, the resonance and the interaction. It’s communication. And when the beholder get’s stimulated in any emotion by my work, then I have achieved a transcendent connection.

What is next? What are your goals for the future as an artist?

I can’t wait to create further Daily Bat’s. And then, I will decide, which project is next. I have tons of ideas, but first I would strengthen up my artist statement and direction for the upcoming future before I decide wich idea I will choose as next.

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