Svetlana Talabolina

Artist of the Year Award
Presented by Art Squat Magazine
& Art Squat Management

Rules, Regulations, and Awards Criteria

Who is eligible to receive an award?
Any Artist who has been featured in Art Squat Magazine is eligible to receive the award.
All Artists are automatically considered and do not need to take any additional steps.

How will the awardee be selected?
Each awardee is selected by Art Squat Magazine Publisher Johnny Otto at any time during the calendar year and announced within 30-60 days of the decision.

What does the awardee receive?
The Awardee will receive national recognition in all Art Squat media, including online publications and social media postings.
They will receive an exclusive one year contract with Art Squat Management, which will include PR, Marketing, Consulting Services and Curation/Event Services.
They will be able to attend all Art Squat functions as a V.I.P. and receive an honorary certificate that commemorates their Extraordinary Ability in the Arts.

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