Artist Interviews 2021

By Julia Annabel Siedenburg

RAUL is an Italian-born artist who travels with his work around Europe and the US. His pieces are heavily inspired by his adventures and the connections he makes along the way. Emotions, feelings, and relationships play a significant role in this art.  When I first saw one of his pieces, it made me think of Keith Haring mixed with ancient symbols and cave paintings. Looking at them for a bit longer then made me wonder if there might be a hidden message inside of it - The type of message that would uncover a secret that has been kept away safely from me till this very day.  I sadly have to say I was not able to crack the code. But maybe you will be?  Because I believe that everyone will and should try to find his very own meaning of it when gazing over his extraordinary pieces. Who knows, maybe we will learn something.   

Your captivating art almost looks like it is it’s own language, secret symbols or code that we the people should solve, to find out your message for us. How would you describe your style? 

Basically, my art us my own meditation! It’s a kind of mantra for me! I’ve come to these symbols starting from my passion for primitive art and African masks, discovering my own language composed of my own symbols plus esoteric ones and other details from different ancient cultures. Symbols are a universal language and everyone can feel something from them.  I’m a free spirit and I see my style in the same way. 

Free to express, free to feel, free to think and live, symbols represent to me a way to send a message of freedom and expression through the universal language. 

What or who inspired you and motivates you to keep going? 

My motivation to keep going is just the desire to live 100% to discover, to learn, to love,… desire to be free. 

Tell us a bit about your background and upbringing. How did you get to where you are now? 

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and then painting at night time. Comparing me with colors I learned a lot from them. I’m a self-taught artist.  After a graduation in communication and a strange nightlife :), I started a project like t-shirt designing and I found a brand with my friends called “Reception”.  But after a few years I felt like a slave of the system, so I decided to quit everything to come back to freedom;  following my passion for art.  It was so hard at the beginning starting fresh in Miami, making art full time.  I started traveling around the world with my art project and get my inspiration from different cultures. 

Your art can be found on everything:  From walls and canvases to clothes, shoes, cars and even people. What brought you to breach out to different mediums?

Actually I love to express myself on every surface available to paint. I believe there are no limits to making art, from newspapers to the streets, to buildings. Art for me is a very long journey!  So different surfaces, different vibrations, j’adore! 

What has been your favorite event so far, where you showcased your work? 

No doubt charity projects with kids. Me and my collaborators did a project in Peru’ in 2018, called “Ancient Vibrations” for Aldea Yanapay School in Cuzco. I painted a collection of paintings of the sacred symbols of Peru’ with the help of kids and my collaborators. 

After that, we made a charity auction in Ibiza, and with the proceeds we paid 2 years rent for the school and kids.  My heart is still there with kids! 

What are your plans for the future? What is next for you? 

I have planned another charity project in India whenever it will be possible.  I can’t wait to be back to my journey!  Live, love and paint!  Never stop to be inspired! 

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