Artist Interviews 2021

Ant Carver  
By Julia Annabel Siedenburg

Ant Carver is an extremely gifted London-based artist. His work stretches from stunning street art to interior pieces. Female subjects mostly dominate the colorful imagery. A mix between graffiti and traditional painting style of people and they all carry something mysterious with them. When I first discovered his art I was in awe of their power and beauty and right away wanted to know more about the subjects and more so the person that it belongs to. I hope when you see these pictures you feel the same. Here is his story:

Your stunning art is full of life yet all your subjects seem to have something mysterious about them. What inspires you to do what you do and what are some people that inspired your art? 

I started doing graffiti when I was about 13 and that was the first thing that really got me into art. Over the years I started looking at different types of art and experimented with merging the things I’d learnt from graffiti with more traditional painting. I just love painting and it helps whatever mood I’m in. I’m inspired by the idea of creating and expressing yourself and your ideas through art and also just the physical act of painting itself. I’m very lucky to get to paint everyday. I’m inspired by loads of different artists. A few of them are Jenny Saville, Conor Harrington, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and Rembrandt. 


On your website you differentiate between “Inside” and “Outside” pieces.  How does your process look like? How long does it take you to finish an Inside and an Outside piece? 

When I work outside I use acrylic and spray paint because it’s weather proof and then in the studio I use oil paints and pastels and have a bit more freedom to use different techniques. It depends on the size but it takes me longer to paint the smaller indoor pieces on canvas than the walls. You have to work quicker and looser when doing the outdoor work but also all your mistakes can be seen by the public, where as in the studio you have more time to get things right which make the two experiences different.

If you would need to choose between murals or canvases, which one would you choose and why? 

I love doing both so couldn’t choose, I spend a lot more time in the studio working on canvases but I’d miss painting walls too much. Not a great answer but I can’t choose! 

Your pieces showcase very detailed vivid portraits of people.  Are those all close to you or are they strangers? A mix between both? 

Now I work from photos from photo shoots that I set up. I try and work out what images I need to create the ideas I have for the final paintings and then find people that are suitable for these ideas. Sometimes it’s people I know and sometimes strangers.

What is planned in the future? What is next for you?

I’m working toward an exhibition next year, I’ve finished a few of the paintings so it’s nice to see it slowly come together! I’ve been working on the idea for this body of work for a while but it has been a bit stop start with the planning with everything going on. I’ve got a date set for the exhibition now so I’m just working towards that which is exciting and a bit daunting! Also painting a few walls in London and then hopefully abroad once things have settled down. 

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