Artist Interviews 2021

Jesus Antonio Rivera, a.k.a Demonbabies  
By Julia Annabel Siedenburg

Jesus Antonio Rivera, a.k.a demonbabies, is known to wear many hats as an artist. His job titles include Director, Co-Conspirator at Cathode Cinema, and Program Director at Coaxial (DTLA arts organization).

Besides that, he creates mixed-media collages, drawings, photos, and short videos. His work varies from colorfully obscure to slightly scary black and white pieces. It is definitely worth a look if you are into darker surreal art.

His answers for this interview were kept relatively short and sweet, though they still give us a glimpse of who he is as a person. I always enjoy talking to him, and I am happy that he agreed to be a part of this.

You describe yourself as a multidisciplinary artist and that for good reasons. What is your inspiration for your dark and peculiar mix media pieces and videos?

I suppose I have a peculiar perspective of the darkly, comical puppet show we all prance along within.

Describe your process.

I don’t think I have a process. I operate on creative impulsion.

You also have been directing multiple projects for others. What have you been directing? Any projects you are particularly proud of?

Honestly, my interest in work-for-hire projects has been very minimal given the state of the world. I directed a couple of projects over the pandemic but I have honestly spend my down time meditating in a cocoon on some upcoming concepts.

Who/What has been some of your inspirations and motivations?

The unexplainable narrative loop in a dream, half forgotten memories and the everlasting lack of time.

What is one of your favorite art pieces you have created so far?

A finger painting of E.T. that I made when I was 5.

What are you hoping for the future? What is next for you?

I try not to jinx things by talking about them so I will just say that I hope to get the stitches out of my mouth real soon, a haircut and a brand new suit.

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