Artist Interviews 2021

Charlotte Rose  
By Johnny Otto

Charlotte Rose was not available for an interview at this time because she is busy launching her first show in London at the Noho Studio starting April 29th.

She will be showing 15 pieces which she created during lockdown. The theme is dealing with the anxiety that comes while quitting smoking and the uncertainty of being isolated during a world-wide pandemic. At only 22 years old, she is already sure of her style and manages to bring a maturity to her art that you usually find it Artist who have been around a lot longer. I love how bold and sure she is of her work. Reminds me of Peter Mars and other great Pop Artists.

Charlotte Rose Bio: The nostalgia behind one of the best examples of branding/ design in the world fascinates me. Cigarette packets always portray a message of strength, royalty or opulence. Veni vedi vici.  To sell something that is so dangerous and in reality, undesirable, means that the boxes do all the selling. It tells you that if you smoke this brand you are a conqueror, a noble, you’re a movie star, you’re a cowboy.  It’s really fucked up and really clever at the same time. 

Part of the reason they took away the branding from cigarettes (in the uk) was because it was so alluring. It’s belladonna branding.

I wanted to explore the power and lure behind the promises perpetuated by the cigarette companies. 

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