Artist Interviews 2022

Boris Giulian  
By Julia Siedenburg

Boris Guilians’ great artwork and his friendly face were what made me come to his booth at the LA Art Show. His pieces were so interesting, full of culture, stories, and stereotypes. His current series focuses on different countries and what makes them unique. His interview is short but sweet. Please enjoy dear readers.

How does making art make you feel?

It makes me feel timeless, hours pass like seconds.

What is the message behind your series that showcases characteristics of a different country in each of your pieces?

By showing each culture’s uniqueness, I advocate for mutual appreciation and respect.

Which piece is your favorite and why?

Usually, I fall in love with the piece that I’m currently painting or sculpting. That funnels my energy for successful completion. And the longer it takes, the more attached I become, so probably my wood sculptures are my favorites since it took over 6 months to complete each one.

What will the next series be about?

I have two series that I work on concurrently: Alphabets (about different cultures) and Vessels (surreal figurative). Having two themes helps me to switch between them, depending on the mood.

How was your experience at the LA Art Show? Did the people overall see all the details and metaphors in your pieces?

Overall it was positive. For many people, it’s overwhelming to see so much art in one place. When their “image file” fills up, they mostly glance quickly and go on. Only serious art lovers read descriptions and pay attention to details, and many of them told me that they were surprised to find so much meaning in each artwork.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your upbringing. Was art always part of your life?

Yes, my uncle is an artist, so I grew immersed in the environment of art studios, galleries, and museums, and from childhood loved creating and using my hands.

What is your favorite series and what is your favorite piece you have created?

See # 3

What are your biggest influences?

Chirico, Dalì, Magritte, Picasso, etc.

If you were not an artist, what would your profession be?

Maybe an architect?

What is next for you? Any plans for the near future?

I wish to travel and research for my next projects (Portugal, Island, and Korea), currently looking for artist residencies in those countries.

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