Artist Interviews 2022

The Lume Los Angeles “Street Art Alive”  
By Laura Siebold

Opening Date: April 22, 2022. The Lume Los Angeles 1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Street Art Alive by The Lume Los Angeles is a multisensory experience that takes its spectators through different cities, and decades, and highlights the emergence of street art around the world.

With a focus on five international street art hubs – London, São Paulo, Melbourne, New York and Berlin, the exhibit features over 200 artists whose work is well known in these hubs, and over 15 additional cities. Over the course of five years, Grande Experiences, the organizers of the street art exhibit that first originated in Melbourne, Australia, have visited various cities, talked to artists, and photographed a bunch of street art. Some paintings in the lobby of Magic Box Los Angeles, an interactive playground for art and event happenings in Downtown LA, are hand painted reproductions based off the work of famous street artists like the London artist Mr Cenz, New York’s D*Face and São Paulo’s Criola.



photo:Marcelo Pimente

I had the unique chance of an exclusive preview of the exhibit before its official opening on April 22, 2022. The start of the exhibit is set in an underground subway station with an original subway showing the evolution of different graffiti styles. The sounds of the subway accompany the vibrant images, and make you even more excited for what’s to come.

Visitors get to walk through a tunnel covered in graffiti on both sides and the ceiling. Don’t forget to look up. You’ll be face to face with an owl.

Once you’ve passed through the tunnel, you’ll encounter the main space. The digital street art gallery employs its wide space, high-quality laser projections, and crisp sound, to fully immerse the viewer in the experience.

photo:Official Press Picture

Throughout the whole space, there are simple stools set up to sit down and take in the whole experience. Some features like animated street art, created in close collaboration with the artist, make this exhibit a very special experience. I was personally very excited to hear about the delivery of eight original full-sized sections of the Berlin Wall to Los Angeles which will be further enhanced by local street artists and add to the symbolic value of the graffiti on those historic walls.

The exhibit is the product of a close collaboration of Grande Experiences, owners and creators of THE LUME digital art galleries, and creators and producers of STREET ART ALIVE with artists like Blek le Rat, D*Face, Lady Pink, the Colombian artist Stinkfish, Burning Candy, Lauren Ys, Binho & Tinho, the Australian portrait street art painter Adnate, and many more. Organized by and focused on the themes of Vibrancy, Rejuvenation, Fight For Your Right, and Fresh Take On History, visitors of STREET ART ALIVE will travel through time, and space, within this immersive, 360-degree multisensory gallery.

The French-Spanish duo Durorone came in to handpaint the walls of the exhibit space which is pretty impressive.

One of the highlights of the exhibit can only be seen when leaving the main gallery space and walking further towards the back. It is a giant mural and mixed media art installation, created by artist Timbuctu State, to make aware of the inequalities and give voice to Native American people, specifically women. The art installation features the names of missing Native American women in the US.

The creators have definitely done a great job in showing the emergence and diversity of street art around the world in the past decades. How fitting is it that along with the debut of STREET ART ALIVE, there will be a new pizza restaurant in town, and it’s a special one. The Lume Los Angeles has partnered with PI^ L.A. by Native Angeleno Chef Fred Eric of Fred62. The creative LA pan-style pizza concept will feature unique flavors, and art by Shepard Fairy. The unique gift of pizza in bringing people together and bridging cultural differences, may just be the perfect way to start this conversation about street art in a city that embraces every new restaurant the same way as its art – with an open mind.

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