Artist Interviews 2022

S.C. Mero  
By Julia Siedenburg

S.C. Mero first Solo Show - Something Poetic

S.C Mero, the talented female artist I had the pleasure of interviewing in this current issue, had her first solo exhibit on February 26th. Of course, I wouldn’t have missed it, being a fan of S.C.Mero’s art for some time now.

June Jackson from Stratosphere Press was the one that shared the news about the exhibit with me. She previously also invited us to the To Live And Die In LA showcase that my co-editor Laura Siebold and I had covered two issues ago.

As the exhibit opening night came closer, I saw S.C.Mero posting her excitement and giving us a little sneak peek. One specific post caught my attention which had a photo of her surrounded by traffic cones. Below the photo, she was asking us, attendees, to please bring 
(or make) one traffic cone for the event. For the love of art and to support S.C.Mero’s request I did what she asked and snacked a traffic cone outside of a parking lot away from its companion while we were on the way to the show.

After a few rounds around the block in Downtown LA hunting for a parking spot, we finally got lucky. Then my friends, I, and the traffic cone made our way down 7th street to see what Something Poetic was all about. I can tell you, it did not disappoint. The exhibit location was located in the heart of downtown. Once I saw her atomic bomb trashcan being reviewed by a group of artsy-looking LA folks, I knew we had arrived.

As we were about to step in, I spotted a line of traffic cones of all shapes, colors, and sizes decorating the side of the building. It was packed inside. I felt like I stepped into the vibrant fun world of S.C.Mero. The spacious room was packed with friends and admirers. A DJ played music on the corner.

Once we took our first look around, we immediately understood the traffic cone request as it was a recurring theme in her exhibit. There was a dragon separated in parts throughout the room with traffic cone spikes on its back, traffic cones with faces on them, as well as a Kraken with a traffic cone body.

Even the artist herself was later seen wearing a traffic cone beanie. And as some of her photos on the photo wall showed, it has been a popular subject for her in her street art.

The exhibit overall was a colorful mix of statues, framed photos of her work, and big impressive coin pieces. The three biggest statues, besides the dragon, were the flying astronaut statues which is the piece that first introduced me to S.C.Mero at the Art Beyond Survival show in August 2021, the tall mailbox, the Pigeon Lady, and her beloved goat. The pigeon lady and the goat are known to be hanging out in different places around LA and this has been the first time they have been found indoors.

Though these big pieces were exciting there were also a lot of smaller statues all around the space. You had to closely pay attention and look in every corner below or above, otherwise, you could miss the pill bottle or hydrant on fire, the telephones having a moment or the fun little rat statue. One of my favorite discoveries was a barbie doll of our very own Mayor Eric Garcetti up on a little shelf by the window.

In the middle of the room, in between all the people hanging out, you could also occasionally miss the meter or the banana peel on a pedestal, both with a face on them.

Overall, my friends and I had a great time at the show and so did all of the other visitors as well. I do hope to be able to attend many more of S.C. Mero’s solo shows in the future and also to see some of her art in its natural habitat, which is the streets of LA.

We congratulate dear S.C. Mero for the huge success of her first solo exhibit and we will be right there covering her next exhibit, whenever that may be.

Photo credits: Julia Siedenburg & S.C.Mero

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