Artist Interviews 2022

The Other Art Fair 2022  
By Laura Siebold & Julia Siedenburgw

The Other Art Fair 2022 - March 31st to April 3rd 2022

We were excited to learn that The Other Art Fair 2022 Spring edition would take place right in the center of the city, though we were not that thrilled about the parking situation. After many circles around the neighborhood, we finally found parking and headed towards the fair. Our first impression of the fair was that it seemed to be smaller than the previous editions, however, it turned out that the organizers made very efficient use of the space. The building impressed with its wooden arch structure that reminded us a bit of the inside of a ship.

About 140 independent artists showed their work across eight individual walls that stretched from one end of the space to the other. The Other Art Fair, still presented by Saachi Art in partnership with Bombay Sapphire (Yayy), has profected the art of cubicle presentation. We made our way down the rows and were happy to spot a few familiar faces on the way. But we will get to those later.

Next to traditional paintings, we also saw ceramics, wood carvings and a lot of NFT art at this fair.

Some artists had been assigned the task of creating NFT’s and mixed media instillations, inspired by Van Gogh.

We loved the little stamp art by Richard Hoffman who came all the way fom Londan, England to present his miniature stamp art series called “The Subversive Post Office”. The series explores the journey of being a human, exploring the unthinkable, painting his way through mini genuine stamps, thus transforming them into tiny works of subversive art. He was one of the artists who took part in the Van Gogh inspired art concept and put his face on stamp pieces.

We also loved the colorful abstract art by Anna Polistuk (interview to come in the future), as well as R. Truckers’ recycled abstract art.

We were impressed by the newly emerging artists, some of whom had just started painting during the pandemic like Sydni (Studio Sydni).

The british artists were rather prominent at this edition of The Other Art Fair and even made Laura commit to a small piece created by Mr. London. She just simply couldn’t stop thinking of the beautiful ”Dark Angel” piece that had gold leafing accents that were added by Mr Londons’s wife.

Anna Sweet brought some color into the fair with her exquisite donut art.

Furthermore, the fair featured some Cyanotype Paintings by Brooke Sauer, Mixed Media portraits by Sya Warfield (interview to come in a future issue), as well as paintings by our already featured artists, Kevin Komadina, Lisa Paskel-Rees and Brad Antifolk.

We were astonished to hear about Duncean Sherwood Forbes’ stories and Art Crimes. His assistant shared with us that just this year, his pieces where confiscated by Santa Monica College campus police because they were considered “Crimes Against the Public Peace”. Bravely, the artist decided to showcase those pieces at this art fair, even though he would potentially get into trouble. The artist agreed to be part of one of our feature issues, so stay tuned to hear more details behind the Art Crime pieces.

After a little food break and 2 Bombay Sapphire drinks later, we discovered Sya Warfield’s vibrant portraits. The beautiful, detailed and surprisingly affordable wood carving pieces from Jason Pancoast specifically captivated us. Another British artist, Michael Wallner, we stumbled apon, showcased colorful aluminium pieces of iconic Los Angeles landmarks.

If you are rather into mystical art, then the works of Joshua Smith, Made of Hagop or Gia Chikvaide are certainly worth mentioning. Lastly, if you are into comics and books, the 3D pieces of Rokoro Art and Alexander Korzer Robinson are definitely something you should check out.

In conclusion, this edition of The Other Art Fair really incorporated a wide range of artworks and styles and the opportunity to purchase unique and affordable art.

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