Artist Interviews 2022

By Julia Siedenburg

TV Boy is an artist I discovered at the LA Art Fair and I loved his work right away. His modern artwork is very Banksyesque, which fits well with the fact that he is one of his influences. Bold colors, iconic figures, and smart configurations make his pieces so captivating. I am so happy that his manager at DEODATO ARTE Gallery passed my questions along to him. And I am so happy to present his answers below. Enjoy!

What and who inspires you?

I am inspired by contemporaneity by things that happen in our current day, in our lives because I’ve noticed that in art history art pieces always tell us something about the period in which they are created. I think that it is very important for an artist to be contemporary and to talk about what's happening in the modern world. I am also inspired by the Italian history of art and I love, in particular, the Renaissance. I try to reflect on those subjects and how they could be in our contemporary world.

You use a lot of iconic subjects in your images. How do you choose them? Based on popularity or simply your liking?

I try to talk about themes that I know and I also incorporate them out of my imagination like iconic and famous figures. Not because I just wanted to make a portrait, I used them as a metaphor for something else. For example, in the kiss between Ronaldo and Messi, they are two opponents, two people from rival teams, that for one day joined in a kiss. It is a statement about something else. I just try to use famous people as a metaphor, as a symbol for something. For example, Raffaella Carrà is a symbol of the fighting for female rights and LGBT rights.

Which is your favorite piece of yours and why?

I am normally in love with the painting I am doing, however, it happens that I want to do something completely different. For instance, I really like the Last Supper, which I have called the “Fast Supper”. It is a Last Supper at Mcdonald's, I really like the irony in that work and also the contemporary God who finds them busy on the phone and on emails. This reflects a lot about our world.

Tell us your process. From the idea to the finished piece.

My process is not very difficult because for me it’s not very important the technique but the theme and the subject of the painting and I use stencil-like really color spray. I like to use mixed techniques but I am not focused on the technique but rather on the subject of the work.

How was your experience at the L.A Art Show? Did being there spark any new ideas?

My experience at the L.A Art Show. I would like to have come but due to the coronavirus, I could not. However, it was amazing to see my pieces over there at the Deodato Art Gallery booth. I really would like to go in the near future for a solo show, since I think that my works appeal to the L.A culture

Is I Pop art, or overall Modern art your favorite style? Could you think of changing it in the future?

I always try to incorporate new things and a new style in my works in order to not get bored so I think that my style is definitely changing and it can change in the near future

Tell us a bit about your background and upbringing. Where are you from? How did you grow up? Was art always part of your life or did the love for it develop later on?

My father is now retired but he was a painting teacher so I grew up with a lot of paintings and drawings of him. I also remember that I have my bedroom painted murals, so maybe my passion comes from there. My education is based on scientific studies and I degree in industrial design. So I think most of my heart comes from there, to think about the design and thinking about an idea and a concept and then try to figure out the concept with painting. I fell in love with graffiti when i was 16 years old it was 1996 and then in 2004 I have started with the TvBoy character, it was like a sign of my time like the boys who grew up with a lot of television and advertising and in a sense, it was a way to stand against so it was really a funny character. Then, I have switched to a more contemporary style incorporating iconic figures and different things

If you could choose any artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

Maybe someone who I admire and I admire a lot of artists. A lot of people recognize in my style a sort of Banksy's heritage; I would like to meet him but I think it’s not very easy to do that

Your pieces are vibrant and fun but they also carry a social critic with them. Do you believe that art can change someone’s mind/ perspective? And that art is what we need to raise awareness of certain matters?

I think that the second sentence is more correct because art cannot really change our world, however, it can inspire people to change. Therefore, I try to focus on themes that are important, such as the refugee theme to which we are very close due to the Mediterranean and also I like to talk about LGBT rights and about black lives matter movement, and so on. To speak about in general racism and themes which are universal and everybody can understand street art has the duty and the possibility to raise awareness and it’s one of the things I am working on.

What is next for you? Are any new shows or events planned in the future?

I think me, my manager Angelo, and my team, which is composed of 5 people, definitely would like to do a show in the U.S. We are working on that and we will keep you updated.

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