Artist Interviews 2022

Jenni Pasanen  
By Julia Siedenburg

Jenni Pasanen creates beautiful pieces with the help of her talent and creative mind and AI. She showcases magical fantastical moments that you can’t stop looking at.

A little piece holds a bit of herself in it that she is generously letting us see and experience. As I stumbled upon Jenni’s art I caught myself getting drawn into her world and I hope that looking at her pieces and reading her story will do the same to you, dear readers. Please enjoy!

Your pieces are beautifully mystical and enchanting. How did you find your way to these abstract images?

Through my muse; AI. I’ve been creating all my life with all imaginable tools and styles, from clay to coding, searching my style. When I found generative adversarial networks, known as GAN, I fell in love with this tool immediately. It’s a playground of unlimited imagination, as it is able to generate things that launches your imagination by generating things you wouldn’t have thought just on your own.

Humans are the main focus of your work. What is your favorite part od the subjects to paint and why?

As many have noticed so far, I like hands and eyes probably the most. Otherwise, there isn’t really anything that would be favourite to think, as I love challenge myself and include things In the paintings I haven’t done before or are challenging.

Please explain your process to us. What does it take to get from the idea to the finished piece?

My process starts most of time from generated GAN, that will work as an idea for the work, usually, I use multiple generated images to mix as one. From those images I tweak twist and cut them and start digitally paint over them. For GAN I use Artbreeder and digital painting Photoshop. Works are basically GAN & digital painting cake, layered on one another. When painting is done, I set in final tweaking and colour grading, with this I use sometimes hours as try find perfect balance between different screens.

Do you have a favourite piece or collection of yours? If so, which one and why? If not, which piece from a different artist is your favourite?

In every piece, there’s something I live, a pieces and bits of me. This is why I can’t choose which would be a favourite, as it changes by the day and mood. One of my all time favourite pieces that I’ve collected is a photo by Roman, I am currently in plane so I cant remember the name if piece or check it.

Tell us a bit about your childhood and your upbringing. Was art always a part of your life?

Yes, art has always been part of my life, can’t remember when it started as it has always been there. I was a wild child always running around in the forest or creating/building/inventing something, to think, it still is the same now haha.

What is the inspiration behind the series Time Eclipse? Why did you feel compelled to create it?

For that piece I thought as there were great team behind I had amazing chance to work with, to create something different I hadn’t tried before or weren’t able to do just on my own. Inspiration for the series were time as I’ve been always fascinated by it, how it is same in past now and future, everything have already happened in future just like in past as you cannot choose a different road to change it afterwards. This is where the eclipse part came in, how time are as one, overlapped on itself. Each piece change as time goes forward when new piece is minted, were a honour to work with the team making this series possible, big cheers to Tomy!

Your pieces are created through generative adversarial networks. Tell us in some more detail why you chose to create them this way and if are you thinking about ever-changing them in the future.

For my tool I use Artbreeder, its my favourite as it has so little you can have control over with it, this way you always are surprise by outcome. I also love soft atmosphere, and with AB you are able to get this, many other Ai tools make too sharp results for what I like to work with. If there will be some other tool I find better I am all open for them, with couple pieces I have mixed in generated images from other tools, but yet none have beat AB.

Do you do physical art as well or solely sell your pieces digitally/ as NFTs?

I don’t do physical art, they’re digital and everything so far is only NFTs

If you could showcase your art anywhere, where would it be?

Hmm though one, maybe somewhere one didn’t ever expect it to be? Would be fun and very memorable, things unexpected stay with one for a lifetime.

What is next? What are your plans for the future?

Create, create and create. It had been my dream to become a full-time artist all my life, as now I have approached the dream, there’s no stopping!

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