Artist Interviews 2022

Carlos Seidel  
By Johnny Otto

Carlos, where are you living now and how do you think that your environment, the city life, people, culture, influences your work?

I am actually based in several cities in Europe, one being Berlin my hometown and the others are Porto and Lisbon where I spend most of my time when I am not travelling elsewhere. Always being on the road led me to be quite familiar with different cultures and countries at a young age. Yet what started to fascinate me the most were not the differences between these places and people but the similarities. No matter where I go the desires of the people are quite alike. This is what inspired me in my art, not to show the difference in culture and places but the hidden secrets sleeping in all of us.

Are you self-taught and who are your earliest influences?

I always enjoyed to create, no matter if it was a broken bike that needed fixing, a boring old lamp that needed a makeover or clay and paint that waited to be more than it was. I started to paint in my teenage years but did not really share this passion with anyone until almost a decade later. The inspiration came from the simple wish to capture my vivid imagination. Influenced by my everyday life, the things I saw, the people I spoke to, the places I discovered.

What is it about graffiti art or urban art that is so attractive to you?

I personally think art should not only be decorative but address relevant topics of our would. No form of art does that as merciless and straightforward as streetart. There is no asking for permission, no hold back. You‘ve got something to say and you are ready to breach the law for it to be heard. This makes streetart not just powerful but necessary to bring more honesty in a society that is led by lies and beliefs.

Are there any living artists that you would want to collaborate with?

I like the work and colour combinations of Pablo Tomek, such as the colourful chaos of Marc Jungs pieces. Bosco Sodi‘s talent for structure and choices of materials and Julian Schnabels passion for everything that’s big have also fascinated me. I would very much enjoy collaborating with any of these artists.

Are you currently showing your work at any galleries or do you have any shows coming up?

I am currently preparing for several exhibitions. There is a lot upcoming but I don’t want to spill the beans quite yet.

You sometimes disguise yourself. Is that to remain anonymous or to say, “I’m just like everyone else”?

The reason for my anonymity is actually quite simple: It's about my art not my face.

What else can you tell us about your life that is interesting that you do outside of painting? Other hobbies?

As I’ve led on before, I enjoy working with bikes and cars, mostly classics and Oldtimers. The beauty and simplicity of these machines has always fascinated me. Taking them apart, modifying them, getting to know their story and of course driving them.

I love to know how music influences artists. Do you listen to music while you paint?

I enjoy many different types of music. Mostly rock, techno, metal, rap, basically everything. The music helps me to really get lost in the act of creation.

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