Artist Interviews 2022

Marily Vaillancourt  
By Johnny Otto

Marily Vaillancourt is an Artist who comes to us from Montreal and was featured in Issue 4 of our magazine. This fall she invited me to see a massive mural of Jimi Hendrix that she created at the Andaz Hotel on the Sunset Strip in WEHO. I was not expecting what I saw, because it did not match the style of painting I had seen her create before. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the strength of her talent and want to feature her once again. Next to her mural is a large mural by WRDSMTH (not pictured).

When Marily began to give me a tour of her new ural, she first blasted Jimi Hendrix's music and began dancing around the parking lot where the mural is featured. I absolutely love her energy and how she was able to capture the spirit of the greatest guitar player who wever lived.

If you are in the WEHO area and have a chance to stop by the Andaz Hotel (8401 Sunset Blvd.), go up the long driveway tot he rear parking lot and you'll see Marily's mural on the large back wall. I was told it will be up for several years at least, of not longer.

Marily Vaillancourt, Issue 4

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