Artist Interviews 2023

By Johnny Otto

RaisedinLA (Daniel Hernande/Ian Lantz) kind of says what I am about to ask you, but, I'd love to know about your upbringing, where you both are from and what made you want to be a Street Artist?

DAN : Dan is part of Raised IN LA, I was born in Mexico and was brought to the US in 1980 and have been living throughout los Angeles since.  I was introduced to graffiti when I was being bused to school from Hollywood to Sunland and was intrigued seeing graffiti all along the highway and throughout  the streets. 

IAN: I was born in General Hospital & grew up without parents so I moved around every year or so, I started drawing and coloring around the age of 5 and never stopped. I was always fascinated by comic book characters, murals and tattoo details and as a kid drawing was my outlet/therapy that I could take anywhere I went. 

What is Cumbiathon for a Cause?

DAN: Cumbiathon is public access radio station in Boyle Heights art conservatory, our friend DJ Amdex, is the host I  met while painting and he invited us for interviews at the station. He also does yearly fundraising and we donated our art, it's for   unhoused children.

IAN: Radio station on 101.5 FM hosted by Brendita Eres, Dj Eres and Cumbia set by Dj Stevie P. through the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory.

When I caught up to you both in the streets, you (Daniel) mentioned that TEACHR1 had given you some pointers on craft or techniques. Can you share with us? Do you have, perhaps, some video of your work that shows your technique?

DAN: A few years ago I was putting up collages on canvas boards along with wheat paste art. I saw the made in LA posters around the city, but could not relate to it. So i made a stencil that said  RAISED IN LA. I started with 8 by 10's but they were too small for the utility boxes. I was also cutting stencils of Icons like Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Santana, Jim Morrison and they came after I met Teacher1. He invited me to his house for  crash course on his personal technique. He also showed me how to make a mold of a  palm tree.I started making them with cement and different mediums. Resin being my favorite.  After learning his technique it made a huge difference in my art. 

What do you hope to achieve with your art?

DAN: Most of what we do is public art (utility boxes),  but we try to get involved with art shows and selling pieces at events we get invited to and or  by word of mouth. 

IAN: We are looking to create a long term art business that includes a strong philanthropy within the at risk neighborhoods and communities while creating  partnerships with brands and business to help activate businesses and communities.

How did you meet and begin working together? What is the working relationship like? 

DAN: My wife shares my art, showed a mutual friend of hers and Ians, (when he was in Chicago) so we met when he was out here on business trip and I gave him 3 of my art pieces for him to add to his art. When he returned them to me I was so impressed with what he did I suggested we should start painting utility boxes together with him doing the background and me doing the stencil work. We complimented each other's work and we got such a great response and loved working together. We just kept going and haven't stopped since, and that was a few years back. 

IAN: Samantha Daniel wife and I had a mutual friend and he thought Daniel and I should meet. We met at the Snow White Cafe on Hollywood Blvd and the rest is history. Our working relationship never feels like work, when we work together,  It feels like I am on vacation from anything negative going on. 

Are there other Artists you'd like to collaborate with? Who? Why?

DAN: We have collaborated with a few different artists already such as FABES, Pondermonster, Think of Something Beautiful, and a few others. We are always down to collaborate with anyone who's out there painting because that is how we learn different techniques and different tricks. 

IAN: My answer would look like a Stephen King Novel, so many talented artist across the world, 

Does your Street Art translate into gallery shows? Or is your work just meant for the streets and the community?

DAN: We started in the streets and made a strong  street presence with a few different street art projects and have been transitioning to gallery shows such as Art SHare curated by MAn ONe, and since than have been submitting to other gallery shows and the response is great so we do plan on doing many gallery shows.  

IAN: It is starting to, it is a long process and you have to be patient and never give up. 

What is coming up for you in the near future?

DAN: We plan to work on bigger art projects and grow out Raised in LA Brand. We are currently working on a piece for the LA bulla Show. We do a monthly live art painting event for Skye Film Production where we showcase our art at their monthly festival and also do a live painting. 

IAN: More public art.

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