Artist Interviews 2024

Aleksandra De Pan  
By Johnny Otto

What is your background and how did you get started as an Artist?

The passion for art and painting in me was born from a very young age. Since I was a child I have been an assiduous observer of all that was art. I remember when at the age of 6 or 7, I came across a magazine by chance in which there was an article dedicated to a young artist who, according to the author, painted in a style very similar to artistic style of Pablo Picasso, and this sparked a deep interest in me, so much so that I wondered: "And who is Pablo Picasso and what is his style?" It was then that I first discovered the work of Picasso and then became acquainted with the work of Salvador Dalì, Joan Mirò and the other surrealists. I was madly in tune with the idea of the free juxtaposition of apparently disparate and absurd elements, and already at that time for me surrealism became the dominant artistic style preference. My move to Italy has further contributed to the development of my artistic vein, thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage, exceptional art together with the beauty of natural landscapes.

Do you have any creative rituals or habits that help you stay focused and productive?

I tend to free my mind every time a start a new artwork… I achieve this by immerge myself into my favourite music, nature and incense.  

How do you handle criticism of your work?

Criticism is part of our lives, it helps us grow, think and reflect in general. With regard to my art the criticism gives a possibility to look at things from another angle and reflect on it. However, in any case the criticism I think will not affect my way of creating and my art, because it is something that comes from my subconscious and I do not controlled it consciously and this is where the magic happens...

What's the most challenging aspect of being an artist in today's world?

Please allow me to say that I do not see challenges, just opportunities!

How do you stay motivated during times when it feels like your art isn't getting the recognition you believe it deserves?

Paintings is a part of my life and I devote everything to it, as such even the tiniest “mi piace” means a lot to me… But jokes aside, when you put all your soul in doing what you really love, it absolutely will revert with recognition, this is the only possible way...    

Can you describe a moment when you felt a strong connection between yourself, your art, and your audience?

Although I have been painting since a very early age, art for me became a professional career at the end of 2020. Professionally so far, one of the most satisfying experiences has been taking part to an international art expo with thousands of visitors during which I had the chance to present my art and not only receive an astonishingly positive feedback, but also share experiences, ideas and visions with other fellow artists from all over the world. 

What do you think distinguishes your artwork from that of other artists?

Art is so individual as it mirrors personality and spirit. As such, we are all different and unique: when an observer connects with my artworks, the distinction and uniqueness happens.

Do you have any recurring symbols or motifs in your artwork? If so, what do they represent to you?

My artworks live through specific values, such as a spiritual journey, senses and feelings. Each opera has its own well defined unique message, they all lay around energy, power of mind, spiritual realization, visible and invisible connections between different dimensions.

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