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Charles Michael Davis is an accomplished interdisciplinary artist, whose talent has been recognized with his selection as a director's pick at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles 2023. While studying at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Charles was drawn to photography, taking a 35mm camera course and developing his natural talent under the guidance of his instructor. He went on to work as a model for acclaimed photographers, including Yu Tsai, Jim Jordan, and Mark Seliger, gaining valuable insight and honing his artistic skills. In addition to his photography, Charles has also directed television episodes and music videos, while also pursuing training in piano and dance. Inspired by renowned artists such as Brigitte Lacombe, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Michael Kenna, and Robert Longo, Charles's work reflects his passion for exploring the untamed aspects of the human spirit. His debut exhibition, which focused on his photography, demonstrated his exceptional talent and vision as an artist.

Charles Michael Davis/Park Menagerie

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Ended Summer

Group Show at Compound Contemporary Featuring artwork by
RISK, Robby Krieger, Billy Morrison, Svetlana Talabolina, WRDSMTH, Plastic Jesus, Mark Estes, Shepard Fairey,
Dave Navarro, Johnny Otto and Tommy Hollenstein.


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Sima Joe Benson

What is an Art Squat and how did this journey begin?

Well, many many moons ago, circa 1999, my brother Michael Otto, who just prefers to be called Otto, was friends with a guy named Andy who lived in a fourplex on Genesee ave. just south of Melrose, across from Fairfax High school. Andy had told my brother that there was an empty two bedroom apartment on the second level across from his and that the Landlord hadn't been seen in years and nobody was paying rent. He went on to tel my brother that the empty unit was filled with junk that had to be cleared out but once that was done, the space could be used as an art gallery. So, my brother and I and a few other friends, spent a few days clearing out all the junk, and we put large locks on the doors so that nobody could enter without us. There was no power in the unit that we occupied, so, whenever we had an art opening, Andy would run power cables out his back window and into the empty unit. Collectively we came up with the name Art Squat for our new gallery and we had some crazy raging parties. This went on for several years. The Landlord was never seen or heard from. In fact, there was a garage behind the property that had a vintage car in it and boxes of newspapers from the 80's.

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svetlana talabolina
Svetlana Talabolina

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